MakeHuman and Me

I've been following the development and progress of the MakeHuman project for many years. MakeHuman is a tool for creating realistic models of 3D humans. It provides some controls for configuring their gender, age, height and weight along with a variety of other parameters. I haven't actually had a use for MakeHuman in any projects that I've worked on but I've always thought it might be an interesting tool for something. While working for Alelo I thought it might serve as a component of a character creation or customization pipeline to allow our customers to create their own custom characters, but I never got a chance to work on that problem. One of the planned features for MakeHuman is an anime style character creation tool. And this really would be useful to me in a project I've been planning. But this tool is not really available yet.

So the other day I was checking out the MakeHuman blog and noticed a post about some problems they were having with their Windows build. This sounded very similar to a problem I had solved while working at Alelo so I wanted to try and help out. One thing led to another and I guess I'm now in charge of builds for the project. The work has mostly involved clean ups and fixes to the existing build scripts for Windows and resurrecting the installer. But there are lots of places where I can probably help out.